Where to start?

Where to start?

At the beginning!  Here we go, my first post in my learning blog at the start of my studies for a degree in photography.  My first post in any sort of blog!  It is all a bit like the first day at a new school:  a bit daunting but also exciting!

Who am I and why am I embarking on this course?

That is me in the picture, an image that I made while doing what was in effect an O Level in photography last year.  This is from part of a set that was dealing with identity and self and I got into playing with the idea of self-portraiture as a means of revealing something by concealing something.  In this case I “hid” behind a photograph of myself.  To be honest I am not sure exactly what this says, nor whether it is really successful, but nevertheless I like it, and a picture of me is as good a place as any to start.

After 30 years or so as a maritime lawyer I retired from full time practice two years ago (though I still do some consultancy from time to time) and one of the things I have been doing since is developing my interest in photography.  After a couple of short courses I am now embarking on a degree.  The purpose for doing so is not necessarily to lead to a new career (though who knows?) but more as a way of giving  structure and purpose to my photography, of allowing my true interests in the subject to emerge properly, and giving it some meaning.  The need for academic rigour (which perhaps naturally appeals to me as a lawyer) is something that I hope will provide me with greater focus.  The need to complete exercises and assignments will mean that I will actually get out and take pictures as part of my normal routine and that my kit will not simply sit gathering dust.

I have long had a practical interest in art and over the years have taken various courses, particularly in drawing and printmaking.  I still have a print studio at home where I work particularly with etching.  The move more into photography was partly as a result of some interesting experiments with photo-etching, which is an area where I want to do more work in the future.

I am at the moment just getting settled into the idea of being a student again and sorting out the practical stuff associated with the course, such as getting this blog up and running but am also starting to get down to work on the first assignment, which I will start to address in the next post.


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