Assignment One: Square Mile – First images & contact sheets

Following my last post I have now processed and sorted all of the photos that I took for this assignment.  In all I took more than 150 shots – it is amazing how they mount up – over the three shoots.  A few images were taken before the main shoot to try to capture the road directly in front of my house without neighbours’ parked cars.  As it turned out the road was in any event clear on the day of the main shoot so these earlier shots were not in the end needed.  In any event, because of significantly different light conditions compared with the day of the main shoot I would not be using any of these images in any event as they do not fit in with the rest.

As explained in the last post a few of the pictures from the main shoot were reshot later on the same day to taken advantage of more suitable light conditions.  By and large these have worked and will be used in the final set.

A handful of pictures I have rejected out of hand as they were clearly mistakes, mostly taken with the wrong focal length – 18mm which is the widest setting on my standard zoom lens, obviously as a result of having failed to check the setting before shooting!  I have otherwise sorted out those shot at 35mm from those at 50mm and complied two sets of contact sheets.  As I surmised in my last post the 35mm set do not really add anything so I will not be using them in the final set.  I nevertheless include them for now for the sake of completeness.

For now I have not processed any of the photographs through any of the programs I sometimes use (Digital Camera Raw, Photoshop, and DxO Optics Pro) so they are still “warts and all”.  Generally speaking, other than cropping to tighten and tidy up an image, adjusting White Balance, or dealing with any serious over- or under-exposure, I prefer not to manipulate images using these programs.  As far as possible I just try to get everything right in camera from the outset.

Unfortunately I have been having problems with Photoshop in producing the contact sheets.  For some reason the program has become unreliably unstable and has resulted, for some reason, in the contact sheets coming out a bit disordered, so the images do not always appear either in the order they were shot nor in the order I want them to be in in order to show the sequence of the walk (this is though something that I can fix for the final set where getting the sequence right is crucial).

35mm contact sheets:


50mm contact sheets:



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