Project 2 Visual Skills Exercise 1.3 (1) line

It is interesting that the example of the use of line to give depth to an image is the work of Eugene Atget.  I first came across Atet on a previous course when I was working on a project dealing with location photography.  Above all else Atget was a photographer of locations, recording some well known, but more often, unknown and hidden corners of Paris.  I was particularly drawn to his series of pictures of brothels, effectively cataloguing them before they were demolished, and his window reflections, shot particularly on the Rue  des Gobelins, which formed a particular influence on the final form of my project – well known sights and locations in a nearby town, refracted through reflections, and a sense of surrealism with what lies behind the window and the reflection merging to create surprising and unsettling images. What did not really strike home at the time, but does now looking at his work afresh, is his creation of a sense of depth.

( – I do not know the provenance of this site and whether or not it carries any official standing but it does at least illustrate a range of his work.)

Back to the exercise.  I have already taken quite a lot of shots where the primary compositional element is the line in the Square Mile Project and those images can usefully stand for this exercise as well.  I deliberately used leading lines in those pictures to give a sense of depth, progression, and movement through the landscape.  Those photos were though all taken with the camera lens set at 50mm.  What I have therefore done now is to take some more but this time using a wide angle lens (Canon EFS 10-18mm) and shooting from closer to the chosen line.  The effects are more dramatic but rather unnatural, something that I emphasised further in the first shot by getting down and shooting from a low angle.


img_3985 img_3995img_4007


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