Square Mile Revisited

Having received feedback from my tutor I am revisiting certain aspects of this project.  I am still happy with the outcome so far but there are a number of other possibilities that are worth exploring  before moving on.


One of the things I was keen to achieve was a sense of continuity throughout the images so that each contains within it the location from which the next shot was taken.  What I want to do now is look again at the final fifty images and put together another final set that works with this particular approach.  Obviously they cannot show the full walk but can at least lead through a short part of it.

The walk and nothing but the walk

One approach that I explicitly rejected from the outset was to include any views along the walk that did not lead the viewer through it.  I feared they would act as distractions.  (Indeed some of the original shots were rejected from the final set because they did not keep up the momentum or flow of the walk and could even create some confusion about the way to go next.)  Nevertheless, slightly perversely, I did include  a shot of the water trough from which my dog, Gara, habitually drinks when out on this walk, justifying the decision to do so on the basis of its significance to him.  Having achieved the primary aim of the project I do now think that this might well be an approach that is worth opening up and examining further.  Two particular strategies occur to me now.

One, that I have already thought about as a possibility, is to include other sites off the line of the walk itself that in some way noteworthy or which catch the eye.  This is perhaps something to come back to later.

The other would be to explore a whole different set of camera angles.  The only shot in the final set that deviates significantly from this is “Old Ridley”.  I should explain that this was largely accidental.  The angle of this shot was dictated partly by an awkward turning but more by the location and height of the sun.  The view that I really wanted, a more straightforward and direct view, would have necessitated shooting directly into the sun and would have been very difficult to pull off.  Because of time constraints, as this point is at the furthest extent of the walk, I did not get back to reshoot in different light conditions that might have made my primary aim easier.  Despite not fitting completely with the approach for all the other shots I nevertheless decided to include this one as it is in itself a striking shot, and more mundanely, is an important waypoint along the route.   Taking this further though it might be interesting to approach certain parts of the route again but from differing camera angles.  I will address this in a separate post.

All for one or one for all?

I have observed that I feel the photos chosen for the final set work better as a set than as individual images.  Are there though any that I would say do stand alone?  “Old Ridley”, on reflection, does.  What others?  Here are some thoughts:


On reflection it seems to me that a further selection of images such as the one above could also easily stand as a set representing the project as a whole.  Although it does not create the same sense of flow as the original set it nevertheless does, I feel, have a certain consistency and can still give a sense of the walk as a whole, albeit perhaps a more impressionistic one.  No doubt different criteria could be applied to photos within the original full set to give yet more, equally valid, impressions of aspects of the whole walk.  Similarly I think I could put together other sets of images that do in fact have some merit in their own right and that my initial judgment was perhaps a little too harsh.


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