Assignment two Collecting – Reflection

How do I feel this assignment meets the Assessment Criteria?  There is always going to be room for improvement and how I might rate each of the four criteria will no doubt vary to some extent from assignment to assignment.  In the present case though I feel fairly comfortable  about the first, Demonstration of technical and visual skills.  I feel I can handle the camera appropriately and make informed choices about the technical options available, and I have at least thought about the design and compositional elements (which could nevertheless perhaps be improved here but for the physical constraints on the shoot itself).

I am also comfortable with the Quality of outcome.  The images themselves are, I feel, not bad, and am happy with the way I have presented the assignment in my blog and that this is logical and clear.

Demonstration of creativity is a more difficult issue.  Part of the problem here is that having decided on the subject and location at which the photographs would be taken, some practical considerations were effectively taken out of my hands so that my possible approaches to the subject were limited.  In particular I was severely restricted in the camera angles that I could adopt.  Certainly if it had not been for those constraints I would have approached some elements of this subject in different ways.  For a number of extraneous reasons this particular project was the most practical one for me to pursue at the moment but had circumstances been otherwise I might have been able to pursue something more creative.  Nevertheless I have at least tried to make the best of the limited possibilities available at the time.

What does it say about the development of a personal voice?  I do not know yet but the whole point of doing this course is to help that voice develop.  At least I have not gone down the perhaps all too obvious route (not that there is anything uncreative about doing so) of taking a series of stock portraits and have tried to do something a bit different whilst staying within the terms of the brief.

So far as the fourth criterion, Context, is concerned, I am happy that I have reflected on the outcome project and applied some critical thinking within the assignment itself.  The word count constraints however do not really allow much scope for illustrating the research that has been involved, apart from identifying a source for an idea that was not put into practice (Lee Friedlander’s head shot) and an influence on the final appearance of the set (Mapplethorpe).  I have therefore produced another post under Notes in Research & Reflection to identify some of the other influences that I had in mind.


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