Exercise 3.3.2

Not for the first time I am at something of a loss to understand what the outcome of this exercise is supposed to be.  Is it about depth of field and taking in the whole view; is it about movement and blur again; is it about looking at the whole view but photographing only part of it; or something else?  My best guess is that it is the third option but I cannot say with any degree of certainty.

What I have therefore done is hedge my bets and have a go at all three.

First attempt: depth of field and hyerfocal distance.

For this I took an elevated position presenting a view with details all the way from the close foreground to the horizon, with some sky (a view from the terrace of Brodick Castle on Arran looking across the bay back towards the town).  Using a wide angle and large f stop I have tried to include as much of the view as possible in as sharp focus as possible.

1/80s, f/22, 24mm

I do not really think that this is what is intended!

Second attempt: panning the camera

For this I chose a view from an upstairs window at home (as suggested by the brief) that includes detail right throughout its depth.  I started by pointing the camera at the nearest detail and then panned upward towards the sky as I released the shutter.  I first tried the camera’s Bulb setting but the image was so overexposed it showed nothing.  After a bit of experimenting I came up with a longish exposure that still captured something, although it is not at all clear what is being looked at.

1/5s, f/22, 50mm.

Again I find it hard to believe that this is what is intended.

Third attempt; raising the camera and shooting “into the brown”

I actually had two goes at this.  First I chose the view, lifted the camera into it and shot just as the camera came to a halt with a long exposure, hence the slight blur.

1/5s, f/22, 50mm

The second time I waited for the camera to come to a halt first, so the final image is a bit more ‘composed’ in so far as I chose which part of the over all view to capture, giving a much sharer image.  As the camera was set to Shutter priority the corresponding aperture gives a much shallower depth of field.

1/60s, f/9, 50mm

What do I get from this exercise?  To be honest, not much at the moment, other than that it made me look at this particular view in a more focused way, leading me to see more clearly some details that I would ordinarily miss.  Maybe though I am just missing the point and should revisit this once I have finished my research on this part of the course, HCB and the Decisive Moment?


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