Assignment three – The Decisive Moment – Assessment criteria

How do I feel the work I have produced for this assignment meets the assessment criteria?  This is something that I always find a difficult question and of course i do not yet know what sort of “eye” an assessor would look at the work.  That might be easier once the current module has been completed and I have submitted it for formal assessment, something that I feel I need to do to establish a clear and reliable benchmark for current and future work and study.  For now though, taking each criterion in turn:

Demonstration of technical and visual skills – I think I have a reasonable grasp of the technical side of things.  I am comfortable with my camera and increasingly confident in what I can achieve with it.  I feel I am also becoming more visually aware and better from a compositional point of view.  I think this particular assignment has helped a lot with my thinking in this regard.

Quality of outcome – Though there is clearly work to be done I feel quite comfortable on this point.  Although the fifth image in my post on the final set is a bit more out on a compositional limb than the others, I nevertheless am happy that the set is fairly consistent in conceptual and compositional terms and that I have expressed my ideas on the topic as well as I currently can.  No doubt with further thought and research and reflection I can refine my views on the decisive moment more but for now I am comfortable with what I have produced.

Demonstration of creativity – Whilst I am aware that I have been quite heavily influenced by a number of great photographers (perhaps oddly though, least by HCB himself) I have tried to bring something of my own to this assignment.  I have certainly experimented and tried to be inventive, judging from the different approaches that I have tried and the amount of work that I have put in this time.

Context – I think I hit this one quite well, though somewhat prone to being over-critical with myself.  I certainly though feel alive to, though massively in awe of, the tradition within which I am trying to work.

Could well do better over all but I feel I am making a decent stab at things and am actually quite happy with what I have come up with this time.


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