Assignment three – The Decisive Moment – further research

Although I mentioned a number of photographers and their work as having some influence on my approach to the Decisive Moment I did not in fact include any examples of their work in the post.  At the suggestion of my tutor I am now doing so.  There are so many images that I could have included but for now I am using just one for each artist.

Walker Evans: Parked Car, Small Town Main Street from American Photographs

Robert Frank: Trolley, New Orleans from The Americans

Lee Friedlander

Vivian Maier

This is not the image that I originally had in mind but is one that I have only just come across.  Mayer produced so much work that there are new pictures emerging all the time from her enormous stash of negatives and undeveloped films.  This struck me as one of her bolder, and more serendipitous shots!

Josef Koudelka: Moravia, Olomouc 1968, Carnival from Exiles

I chose this rather than one of many possible images from Prague 68 for the sake of a bit of lightness of subject, and the surreal juxtaposition!

William Eggleston:  Untitled, 1965 (Memphis, Tennessee), taken from Portraits

Robert Capa:  Barcelona, January 1939

Last but by no means least, one of my personal heroes, Robert Capa.  I could easily have chosen one of his more famous Spanish Civil War or D-Day photos but I particularly like this one.  I love the juxtaposition of the woman running across the plaza (to take shelter from an air raid?) and the playfulness of the dog.

Evans, W, (2016).  American Photographs.  New York:  The Museum of Modern Art

Frank, R (2016).  The Americans.  Göttingen: Steidl

Koudelka, J (2014).  Exiles.  New York: Aperture

Prodger, P (ed) (2016).  William Eggleston Portraits.  London:National Portrait Gallery

Whelan, R & Capa, C (eds) (1985).  Robert Capa: Photographs. London: Faber & Faber

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